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What others are saying about
our coaching services...

"Serena always showed genuine interest and belief in me, my goals, and my progress towards them. She showed empathy and understanding and she helped me to prioritise what is important in my life.

Thank you!"


Special Education Teacher,


"The best way I can describe the coaching sessions with Serena is like having a conversation with a really level headed friend about issues you're facing in your work/life balance for example, and knowing that you are not not alone trying to tackle them. You leave the session feeling like the issue was identified, an action plan was put in place and the accountability to get that over the line is now clear. The sessions have made me feel a lot more positive about the future, and I found the support a huge benefit. For this and all the gentle and encouraging help I've received I am very grateful."


Operations manager, Dublin

"Serena is an incredible coach!! Amazing at what she does. She gives honest advice and appraisals with great knowledge and intuition on life and behaviour patterns. We worked together over 6 months and it was just the motivation I needed during lockdowns. I have learned so much about myself and skills that I will carry with me and use forever."



"We worked with Serena for 18months. In that time she helped us to completely turn our marketing around for our business. Serena was always full of positive energy and forever helping us to put new ideas in to play successfully. We will be forever grateful for all her knowledge and expertise that she has taught us on our journey to expansion."


Riverside Spa Ltd

The Future You Deserve is a professional coaching service that allowed me to grow and develop during a challenging time in my career. The positive mindset created by the coach enabled a more confident approach in working towards my personal goals. 'People come into your life for a season, a reason or a lifetime'. Thank you The Future You Deserve for your 'chance contact' at the right time!



"Serena and I worked together over a period of three months.  I was impressed with Serena’s warmth and her ability to quickly make me feel at ease.  Serena is a perceptive and intuitive coach who was not afraid to ask me challenging questions when they were needed.  In each session Serena made me work hard and she was able to help me get to the core of the issue I was dealing with and I then left each session with a clear action plan.  Serena is really authentic and delights in seeing her clients progress towards their goal.  I wish her well for the future."



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